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Oct 4, 2012

AMD Trinity Overclocked to 7.3 GHz

AMD’s new A10-5800K APU seems to be capable of great things. The mature 32nm manufacturing technology from GlobalFoundries and the new Piledriver cores using the clock mesh technology from Cyclos Semiconductor enable the processor to reach beyond the 7 GHz mark.

As the company’s processors suffer from lack of single-threaded performance, AMD has decided to enable very high frequencies. Having a $122 APU clock beyond 4 GHz is an impressive feat in itself and it is also something Intel has never been able to do; but when extreme cooling is applied, the A10-5800K can go up to an amazing 7.3 GHz, Fudzilla reports.

When getting down to earth and using simple air cooling, but certainly not the reference cooling that ships with the CPU, AMD’s A10 goes beyond 5 GHz, which is quite nice. A 25% overclock on a $122 (95EUR) processor is really nice and this will surely put it ahead most of Intel’s sub-$200 processors.

AMD Trinity Marketing Shot
Image credits to AMD


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