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Oct 23, 2012

Digital Storm Bolt: World's Thinnest, Strongest Gaming PC

Digital Storm really went out of its way to release something memorable, and while it might not exactly make history, due to the relative smallness of the market segment targeted here, it should enjoy some short-term recognition.

As the title made it clear, it is a gaming desktop personal computer that we are dealing with here, one that is described as the thinnest and yet strongest ever made. We aren't sure about the “strongest” part, since the top memory capacity (16 GB DDR3 RAM) isn't legendary, and there can only be one graphics card in it at a time (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is the top option). We don't doubt that this is really the thinnest though. After all, since it didn't find a case compact enough, Digital Storm decided to make a totally new one just for the Bolt, as the computer is called. It is just 3.6 inches thick, which means 91.44 mm. The height is 14 inches (355 mm).

Contrary to what we expected on the day of AMD's Vishera FX CPU launch, Digital Storm doesn't offer an AMD CPU this once, unlike Origin PC. Instead, the Core i3-3770K quad-core Ivy Bridge central processing unit is mentioned as the top dog. It can even be factory-overclocked to 4.6 GHz. Moving on, a 120 GB SSD and a hard disk drive of 1 TB are available, but customers can have three extra storage units if they have the money for them. As for the price, Digital Storm's Bolt ships for $1,949, or 1,498 – 1,949 Euro, but this is only for the so-called “standard” configuration.

Those who are strapped for cash but want a nice and thin gaming desktop at all costs can get away with $999 / 768-999 Euro, if they are happy with a Core i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM, NIDIA's GeForce GTX 650 Ti graphics card and a single storage unit (the 1 TB HDD).

Digital Storm Bolt
Images credits to SlashGear


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