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Nov 20, 2012

CyanogenMod Starts Android 4.2-Based CM 10.1

With the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean code already released in AOSP, it was only a matter of time before modders started offering info on their development of custom ROMs based on it.

CyanogenMod has already started the process of merging Android 4.2 in their builds, and has already came up with an mr1-staging branch in their github repos to make the merger as easy as possible. “mr1-staging is not meant to be compile-able, its only purpose is to be a staging grounds for our core work. Chances are, it is useless for independent builders,” the team explains in a Google+ post. “Once staging is done in mr1-staging, we will push all that code to a ‘CM10.’ branch, and eventually back to our primary ‘jellybean’ branch.” Through this approach, the team wants to make sure that they bring the next releases as upgrades for the CM 10.0 code. “Patches from gerrit will be accepted towards CM 10.1, but for now, please have patience while we work through mr1-staging,” the team notes.

Android 4.2 did arrive with a variety of updates inside, that change the manner in which the implementation of features in the next CM releases will be made. The initial CM10.1 branch will be created with a strong focus on Telephony Split, Multi-User, Quick Settings, and Lock-Screen Widgets, for example. The upcoming builds will also sport the MMS enhancements that users are already accustomed with, including Emoji support, sms split, gestures and templates, and quick messaging (but no MMS auto retrieve, as Google fixed that). At the moment, users can download and install on their devices CM 10.0 (Android 4.1.2) builds, which have been nearing the stable status lately. “CM 10.0 (4.1.2) code is in jellybean-stable, if you are working on a bug-fix for the last stable release, patches should be submitted against that branch. If/when we do another 4.1.2 release (ie CM 10.0.x), it will originate from code in this branch,” the team explains.

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