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Nov 20, 2012

Fastest Western Digital HDDs Now in 4TB Size

Western Digital already has a number of hard disk drive units with the capacity of 4 TB, but its strongest series has only now come to include members offering this illustrious capacity.

The platter speed of 7,200 RPM (rotations per minute), the cache of 64 MB and the SATA 6 Gbps (SATA III) connectivity isn't what gives the drives their high performance. The dual processors are part of the main reason (double data processing), while the Dual Actuator Technology is the other half. Essentially, a hard disk drive with dual actuator technology has two actuators that improve positional accuracy over data tracks. Like the dual processors, this enhances performance. With 4 TB capacities now available to customers to choose from, the 3.5-inch WD Black HDD series has once again strengthened its position as WD's best storage devices (barring SSDs of course). In addition to all that has been mentioned so far, the WD Black 4TB gets IntelliSeek technology support, a technology that calculates optimum seek speeds, for lower power draw, noise and vibration.

Additionally, StableTrac secures the motor shaft at both ends, reducing system-induced vibration further and stabilizing platters (accurate data tracking during read and write operations). Furthermore, the NoTouch ramp load technology prevents the recording head from ever touching the disks (minimizes wear and prevents damage when jostling the drive, while one is traveling). "Maximizing the features and functionality of power computing applications such as gaming, multimedia and video editing, the new WD Black 4 TB hard drives offer capacity and performance—without compromise," said Matt Rutledge, vice president of WD's client storage group. WD doesn't specify exactly what the transfer speeds are here, but they probably don't have much of an equal, save perhaps among Seagate's and Toshiba's best. The price of the WD Black 4 TB GB (model WD4001FAEX) is of $339 / 339 Euro.

WD Black 4TB HDD
Image credits to Western Digital


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