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Nov 20, 2012

Nokia Explains Lumia 920 Screen Resolution

Lumia 920, the first smartphone that Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia unveiled to the world with the new Windows Phone 8 operating system loaded on it, comes to the market with a PureMotion HD+ screen, which is said to be the fastest in the world.

Furthermore, Nokia also says that the screen is the most sensitive available on a smartphone today, and that it can also deliver good sunlight visibility. However, it seems that this screen’s resolution is yet another great feature that Nokia is set to bet on, this also being the main reason for which the company has named it PureMotion HD+. “For the record, the Lumia 920 display has a resolution of 332 pixels per inch (PPI) and a HD+ pixel count of 1280×768,” a post on Nokia Conversations explains. “Why HD+? HD is commonly understood to mean 1280x720p pixels. With the Lumia 920’s 1280×768, it has 7% more pixels on the screen giving you the possibility to see more content on the screen at once – hence the plus.”

Nokia Lumia 920’s screen also sports a 15:9 aspect ratio (while many companies are adopting 16:9), since it is expected to deliver a great balance between what can be done on the screen and what can be seen there. “The 15:9 aspect ratio was an intentional choice because we felt that it provided the best balance between touch usability and how much content you can see on the screen,” explains Jussi Ropo, Nokia’s senior technology manager. The screen will provide users with all the details they want to see in a photo, while also enabling them to operate the smartphone with a single hand. The screen will also offer a better experience to all users, enabling them to see more of a web page without having to scroll or zoom in, Nokia explains.

“I think the beauty is that we have it all in one package. That was maybe our greatest challenge. It is easier to make a really fast screen that doesn’t look great outdoors, or a great outdoors screen but it doesn’t have a high resolution and so forth,” Jussi added.

Nokia Lumia 920
Image credits to Nokia


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