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Nov 21, 2012

ECS Leaks Intel 8-Series Motherboards

We'd love to give some details on all the products that ECS probably didn't mean to spill the beans on, but we cannot. We do not have the information.

What we do have, thanks to TechPowerUp, are the names of the platforms that will run Intel LGA 1150 Haswell central processing units: Z87H3-AX Extreme, Z87H3-AX Golden, and H87H3-M4. The Z87 models will be mostly identical, with the exception that the Z87H3-AX Golden has gold-colored components.

As for the H87H3-M4, it could be a micro-ATX motherboard. The H87 chipset supports everything the Z87 does, except overclocking. We still have to wait for info on Intel's CPUs, and the chipset for that matter, but at least we know there are at least three motherboards ready to receive them. Sooner or later (probably the former), more will come.

An ECS Golden motherboard
Image credits to ECS


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