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Dec 30, 2012

AMD Kabini X4 5110, The Entry-Level APU

Since we've taken a look at the high-end A10-6800K accelerated processing unit, AMD's top Richland APU, we may as well check out the entry-level chip too, now that we have the data.

Fudzilla has provided some information which, it claims, describes the capabilities of a certain Kabini X4 5110 processor. This is actually the strongest of the entry-level chips expected to arrive in 2013, and should be ready for mass production by March 2013. That's the same time frame as the ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the aforementioned high-end quad-core processor. Speaking of core number, the X4 5110 has four (the X4 was a clear enough indicator of that). Somehow, though, it still makes do with a TDP (thermal design power) of 25W. That's not really low enough for tablets, definitely not even close to the 4.5W of the Z-60, but it should be more than suitable for ultrathin laptops. We would use the term ultrabook, but Intel has trademarked it and, thus, AMD and its laptop-manufacturing partners can't.

Then again, AMD did tell us at IFA that it didn't feel the need for a counter-brand. Ultrathin works just fine, the company felt. At any rate, the X4 5110 has Jaguar cores, a DirectX 11.1 graphics processing unit, the FT3 BGA infrastructure, a DDR3-1866 memory controller and Turbo Core technology (dynamic overclocking based on application requirements). Full volume production and availability will ramp up in June, even if manufacturing begins in March.

As a side note, the 28nm-based Kabini APU series will include several other X-series chips and E-series models, with TDPs of as low as 18W. Unfortunately, no clock speeds have been released or exposed through leaks yet. Intel's Haswell Y series of chips will be the main competitors, with their much lower TDPs but significantly weaker graphics.

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