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Jan 17, 2013

Cougar Spike, New Mini Tower Case for Miniaturists [Video]

Cougar's latest promo video is every bit as exciting as any other ad video, which can be interpreted in any number of ways. As such, just to be on the safe side, the company also made a press release about it.

The name of the new case is Spike, even though there is barely anything pointy about it, not even screws really. Indeed, the Spike uses a screw-less hardware installation system, which is convenient when installing HDDs, SSDs or ODDs. But we digress. We should first say what type of enclosure Cougar has released, and then proceed from there. The Spike is a mini-tower which, nonetheless, has enough room inside for graphics cards of 330 mm in length (12.99 inches). That said, micro-ATX motherboard should fit inside just fine, but anything larger will need a different enclosure. Then again, micro-ATX motherboards do a good job of providing all the features of full-size mainboards, with the number of PCI Express and memory slots being the only real differences.

That is the main reason that Cougar expects good sales. The other reasons, besides the tool-less construction, are the standard features: a 120 mm rear fan, support for three more spinners (80-120 mm). The bottom area for 2.5-inch SSDs is the last and unusual bonus. Finally, the COUGAR SPIKE Mini Gaming Tower PC Case has a front I/o panel with audio jacks, an USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 connector, plus the obligatory Power and Reset buttons (blue LEDs). All in all, Cougar may have actually done a good job justifying the price of $39.99 / 30-39.99 Euro. We've embedded the video below, for your convenience, but further information can be found on the product page. Shipments should already be underway. If they are not, they will start soon, within a week or so.

Cougar Spike
Image credits to Cougar

The COUGAR SPIKE case is a mini tower but is designed to accept longer high-end gaming graphics cards thanks to the 330mm of clearance. Indeed, the list of functionality of micro ATX motherboards is growing and becoming more complete. Many system builders feel that ATX motherboards can be replaced by micro ATX motherboards nowadays. As such, COUGAR thinks that the mini gaming tower is a future trend for space-saving PC gaming stations.
The SPIKE mini tower sports a gaming themed style with interior black paint to give it a professional and sleek look.  Drive installation is quick and easy with the SPIKE due to COUGAR's screwless design technology for convenient on-the-fly data access of 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs/SSDs. The case also supports the installing of 2.5" HDD/SSD at the bottom cover.
With any PC case ventilation is crucial and COUGAR's SPIKE case handles it smartly. Conveniently, the COUGAR SPIKE case comes with one rear 120mm fan pre-installed. In total, there is support for 4 fans: one 80/90/120mm fan for the front (optional); one 80/120mm fan for the rear (pre-installed); and two side 120mm fans (optional).
Lastly, the COUGAR SPIKE Mini Gaming Tower PC Case supports the lasts, advanced USB3.0 port for maximum data transfer speeds.
Video credits to CougarGlobal


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