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Jan 16, 2013

NVIDIA: Tegra 4 Will Be Faster Than Apple iPad's A6X

We weren't the only ones surprised to learn about those strange benchmarks in which NVIDIA'a Tegra 4 got trounced by the processor inside the Apple iPad.

Needless to say, NVIDIA wasn't about to let that stand. The company was quick to speak up on the matter and promise that the Wayne SoC (system-on-chip) would easily overcome the A6X in Apple's device.  Sadly, no details have been provided concerning when the proof will be given, or how much better Tegra 4 will be.

AnandTech did some math though, and figured that the GPU, at least, would have 74.8 GFLOPS (billion FLoating-point Operations Per Second) top performance, which is more than the 71.6 GFLOPS of the A6X's PowerVR SGX 554MP4. The advantage should apply to both 3D games and GLBenchmark. Still, we have to wait for more details.

NVIDIA Tegra 4
Image credits to AnandTech


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