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Jan 29, 2013

XFX FX 7750 Monster Graphics Card

While Christians have Christmas holidays to spend their cash on, the Chinese have their traditional Lunar New Year, which happens in February.

Spending sprees are common during that week, which is why XFX has launched a new graphics card in the Greater China region. Called FX 7750 Monster, it has a GPU clock speed of 800 MHz, a memory speed of 4.5 GHz (1 GB of GDDr5 is used), a memory interface of 128 bits and a cooler with a single fan and a deep black shroud. Speaking of the fan, it has a diameter of 90 mm and chills a well-concealed heatsink.

Other specs include dual-link DVI, HDMI and D-Sub video outputs and a 4-phase VRM. No PCI Express power connector inputs are used, as the XFX FX 7750 Monster can live off what is provided by the PCI Express slot. The price is of 799 RMB / $128 / 95-128 Euro.

XFX FX 7750 Monster
Image credits to Expreview


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