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Feb 13, 2013

ASUS RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 Router

Yet another wireless networking device has been released, one that uses Wi-Fi and which ASUS has put together, even given the rater uninspiring name of RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 router.

The newcomer is more of a 3-in-1 device than a router, since it can behave like an access point or range extender, depending on need. In fact, the two detachable 9DdBi antennas can extend the normal Wi-Fi range by up to 300%. Between that, the ability to handle four networks at once (primary and guest) and parental controls, it is enough to consider the RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 Router a very well rounded networking item.

Of course, the primary network will always have bandwidth primacy, but at least ASUS made it so that no one got left in the dust. Sadly, no price is known right now.

ASUS RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 Router
Image credits to ASUS


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