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Apr 11, 2013

Intel DZ87KL-75K, Intel's Last and Best Desktop Motherboard

Back in January, Intel decided to back out of the motherboard market. Then, in March, orders were cut by 80%.

The company doesn't plan to go quietly, however. In fact, it has prepared what is clearly the strongest desktop motherboard in its lineup to date: DZ87KL-75K. Based on the Haswell Z87 Lynx Point chipset, it has serious memory, expansion and processing potential.

All it takes to put it to good use is a bunch of DDR3 modules, one or two graphics cards, an Intel CPU (preferably one of those set for June release) and, of course, a big enough case to put everything in. The folks at VR-Zone have posted a photo of the product, and the full specs. We've included both in the gallery below, for your convenience.

Intel DZ87KL-75K
Images credits to Intel


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