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Apr 27, 2013

Intel Haswell Packaging Box Art

Intel has finally confirmed that the fourth-generation Core-Series central processing units, codenamed Haswell, will be launched in June, during Computex Taipei.

What it did not reveal, but VR-Zone discovered anyway, was the box art for the chips. The cardboard packages won't be any larger than those used for the other central processing units from the company. They'd probably be even smaller if they didn't need to accommodate the coolers. 

Anyway, the boxes have three sections at the front. The running theme is “creativity,” and Intel even asks buyers, “What will you make?” Oddly enough, no small case-badge art is present, though the top half might take its place. There's also a photo of a tablet for some reason, even though the box is for a Core i7 Haswell desktop chip.

Intel Haswell CPU box art
Image credits to VR-Zone


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