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May 21, 2013

AMD Drops to Fourth Place on Processor Market

Market analyst firm IC Insight has finished its study of the year 2012, and discovered a surprising thing about the top rankings in terms of total semiconductor sales throughout the 12-month period.

Long story short, AMD came up short compared to three other companies. While Intel came first, as expected, Advanced Micro Devices did not make second spot, or even third. Those positions went to Qualcomm and Samsung, respectively, as shown in the table above. Thus, AMD is on fourth place, after suffering a 21% drop in microprocessor sales.

Speaking of which, Intel also lost, 1% on-year, while Qualcomm's sales grew 28% and Samsung's shipments soared 78%. Samsung has definitely managed to sell lots of mobile chips. In 2013, things aren't looking up for AMD. Already, Q1 has showed the steepest decline ever in a single quarter.

AMD on fourth spot in terms of processor sales
Image credits to AMD


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