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Jun 10, 2013

64-bit ARM Servers Ready by Year's End

The issue of ARM-powered servers has mostly been skirted around, but it looks like there's nothing that can be done about the momentum of the technology.

Much as Intel might hate the thought of its customers looking elsewhere, at least some of them will adopt 64-bit ARM processors for servers by the end of 2013. Currently, there are two major ARM-based server processor suppliers in the enterprise market: Marvell and Calxeda. The former supplies chips for Dell, while Calxeda has HP as primary client. There's also Applied Micro, which, along with Calxeda, shows off 64-bit ARM chips at Computex 2013.

Taiwan-based Mitac International and some companies from China will release processors by the end of 2013 as well. It is all building up towards a nice race that will definitely disrupt the chains of deals on the IT market.

Calxeda ARM processor module
Image credits to Calxeda


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