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Jul 18, 2013

Intel Prepares to Drop Atom Brand Name

Anyone who has previously heard that Intel was planning on dropping the Atom brand name may have thought they've heard wrong.

They didn't though. Intel really is planning on that, according to Digitimes. It won't happen right away, but neither will the Santa Clara, California-based company be dawdling. Intel will stop releasing processors from the Atom line at some point in the fourth quarter of 2014. After that, the entry-level market will be covered by Celeron and Pentium CPUs instead.

To clarify, Intel isn't dropping any CPU architecture, only the brand, for whatever reason. I suppose the lack of demand for presumably weak and not-worth-it Atom units warrants this. Meanwhile, Intel will preserve the reputation of Pentium and Celeron chips by releasing Haswell-based models as well, and units based on subsequent architectures.

Intel prepares to drop Atom brand
Image credits to Intel


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