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Jul 9, 2013

Next-Gen MacBook Pro Leaks via Benchmark Test Result

Test results from benchmarking tool Geekbench 2’s database reveal that Apple fans have a lot to be happy about this year, as Apple is not only introducing new iDevices, but also a new range of MacBook Pros.

In addition to the new Mac Pro confirmed at WWDC 2013, Apple seems determined to upgrade its Pro line of notebooks too. The confirmation comes from the database of Geekbench 2, the popular benchmarking tool for computers. A new Geekbench result popped up today showing that someone has been fiddling with a next-gen MacBook Pro carrying an “AAPLJ45” designation.

Not surprisingly, the system was running OS X 10.9 Mavericks at the time the benchmarking took place, but its performance isn’t exactly off the charts. The computer uses Intel’s latest Haswell processors and boasts a whopping 16GB of RAM. Its Geekbench score is 12497, which spells about the same performance as current-selling machines.

Geekbench 2 result
Image credits to primatelabs.com


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