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Sep 11, 2013

300Mbps LTE Advanced Service Demoed in Hong Kong by CSL

Next year will provide users in Hong Kong with the possibility to enjoy LTE Advanced 300 (LTE-A300) connectivity, and the technology has already been demoed in the country today.

The demonstration was performed by 1O1O and one2free, which promise theoretical peak download speeds of up to 300 Mbps starting with early 2014, Engadget reports. LTE-A300 marks a great advancement in the evolution of LTE, and is said to be crucial for addressing the increase in mobile data usage in the future. With no other carrier having launched LTE Advanced with 300 Mbps capability as of now, 1O1O and one2free are amongst the first to drive advancement in the industry. “1O1O and one2free aggregated its existing licensed 20 MHz LTE carrier at 2600 MHz with another licensed 20 MHz LTE carrier at 1800 MHz, to achieve a maximum theoretical speed of 300 Mbps,” the two companies announced. “1O1O and one2free are the only operators in Hong Kong today with sufficient FD-LTE spectrum to achieve these optimal speeds with LTE-A300.”

CSL Limited, the parent company of 1O1O and one2free, explains that 300Mbps and 150Mbps are theoretical peak speeds that can be reached in optimum conditions. The actual speeds in the field will be much lower, as there are a variety of factors influencing the performance of the network, including the number of users, Internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, and more. The company also notes that FD-LTE refers to Frequency Division LTE, which is commonly used in Hong Kong. TD-LTE, the other version of LTE, refers to Time Division LTE. "We have invested huge amounts in ensuring that we are leading the way to greater speeds and stability for our customers by building out the network capacity and leading-edge 4G LTE capabilities,” Phil Mottram, Chief Executive Officer of CSL Limited, said. “We are creating a future ready network for Hong Kong, a network that will support the growing data needs of business and consumers in this highly mobile city.”

CSL demoes 300Mbps LTE Advanced service in Hong Kong
Image credits to Engadget


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