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Sep 11, 2013

Root Your Sony Xperia Z1

Sony’s Xperia Z1 smartphone has been unveiled only a week ago and has yet to arrive on the market, but some enthusiasts have already managed to root it.

A post on the XDA-Developers forum claims that some users in China managed to achieve root on the device through using the 360rot tool, which, unfortunately, is available only in Chinese. However, it appears that the Xperia Z1 (L39h) can also be rooted with VRoot, and that the process is fairly simple.

Basically, all that users will need to do is to connect the device to a PC with USB-Debugging turned on, launch the 360rot application, and hit the green “Root” button. As soon as the process is completed, users will receive the “Congratulations, rooting was successful” message on the screen. Clicking on the same Root button once again will offer Root permissions.

Sony Xperia Z1
Image credits to Sony


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