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Sep 11, 2013

G.Skill Releases Fifteen New RipJawZ Memory Kits

You'd think that a famed memory maker would steadily unveil its new products, but G.Skill figured it would make a big impact instead of a precision strike this time around.

Long story short, the company has released fifteen DDR3 memory kits, all of them with quad-channel configuration support. They are compatible with X79 motherboards and the overpowered Ivy Bridge-E Core i7 CPUs that Intel has just released. The major point? 3 GHz stable clock speed, up to 64 GB total capacity (eight 8 GB modules).

I'm pretty sure the memory would work well with Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP chips too. They're not the type though, especially with those blue heatsinks. G.Skill might release something for servers and data centers, but it hasn't happened yet. Sadly, I don't have any info on the price points of the new Ripjawz. With 15 different offers though, they're bound to vary, even if they all end up on the largely unapproachable high end. Images gallery below, click for larger images.

G.Skill introducing New RipJawZ memory Kits
Image credits to G.Skill


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