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Sep 17, 2013

idAmerica CrossLink USB Cable, Works with Everything

Pretty much every phone, tablet, MP3 player and other gadgets these days ship with a data cable of some sort, or a USB charger, or both. CrossLink has invented something that can replace them all.

And I'm not talking about those power cables that can detach the power socket plug and leave a normal data cable behind. What I mean is that the new product from CrossLink is compatible with all sorts of tablets and phones, and other gadgets, because of the four different connectors on the cable.

One of the ports, the USB, is the one that connects to a PC, or a detachable power plug, and the other three are arranged on the three sides of the other end, like in the picture above. I doubt Sony, Samsung, LG and everyone else will ever bundle these up with their inventions, but the CrossLink cable can come in handy for those who own several different gadgets.

CrossLink USB Cable
Images credits to idAmerica CrossLink


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