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Oct 24, 2013

Bermuda's Stunning Underwater Views Now in Street View

Google is boasting about some stunning new Street View imagery now available though, truth be told, these photos are as far removed from a street as you can get.

These aren't the first images taken underwater for Street View, but the new imagery from Bermuda is guaranteed to leave you wishing for an exotic holiday. "Dive underwater from the island of Bermuda with #StreetView. Explore the Mary Celeste Wreck and more at maps.google.com/ocean," Google wrote.

"Taken in partnership with Catlin Seaview Survey, this imagery highlights efforts to protect the waters around Bermuda," it added. Google has been working with the Catlin Seaview Survey to map and photograph underwater areas in several stunning locations. Imagery from the Galapagos islands is already available. The images are shot with specially designed underwater scooters capable of snapping 360-degree imagery.

Bermuda shipwrek in Street View
Image credits to Google


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