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Oct 21, 2013

Intel Xeon E7 CPUs Bound for Q1 2014 Release

Intel isn't going to dawdle on the professional/HPC market. Unlike on the consumer front, where high-end chips are sometimes launched alone, for extra hype, the business/professional market does better with bulk launches.

So when the Xeon E7 line of microprocessors finally comes out in 1Q14, you can be sure they'll come out in force. En masse as it were. According to certain parties, there will be nineteen standard-power and frequency optimized E7 SKUs, plus two low-power Xeon E7 processors.

That last pair will be useful in ultra dense servers, where coolers can't afford to be too large. Sadly, no specifications exist, for any of the CPUs, or the C602J chipset that will support them. All we do know is that C102/C104 SMBs (Scalable Memory Buffers) will be implemented alongside them.

Intel Xeon E7 programmed for 1Q14
Image credits to Intel


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