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Oct 7, 2013

Skorpion Charger Can Also Scan Smartphones for Malware

Charging a smartphone and scanning it for malware at the same time is now a reality, courtesy of a new charger coming from Kaprica Security.

Called the Skorpion charger, the device has been designed so as to analyze the OS on a device without actually relying on the platform itself, or on the handset’s memory or processor. According to technologyreview, the company believes that its solution is better due to the fact that the charger is a separate accessory, and that it can detect malware that sits silently on the smartphone, stealing users’ information.

The device is not vulnerable to malware, Kaprica cofounder and CEO Doug Britton says. He also believes that the charger is capable of detecting even malicious code that would otherwise hide from antivirus software when detecting a scan in progress. The Skorpion charger should become available for purchase either later this year or in early 2014, priced at $65 (€48). It would also come with a $3 (€2.21) or $4 (€2.95) monthly subscription for updates and the like.

Skorpion Charger
Image credits to Kaprica Security


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