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Nov 12, 2013

Intel Announces “Thunderbolt Ready” Program to Promote the 20 GB/s Interface

Thunderbolt is a scalable interface (currently at 20 Gbps bandwidth) based on the DisplayPort 1.2 protocol but, sadly, rather underused. Intel wants to change that though.

To that end, it has started a new program that will promote the technology. Called “Thunderbolt Ready,” it is an initiative that allows owners of motherboards to add Thunderbolt 2 (20 Gbps). All it takes is for said motherboard to have a GPIO header (general purpose input/output header). From now on, you can check for a “Thunderbolt Ready” logo on your PC if this strikes your fancy.

Even if you have Thunderbolt, it might be limited to 10 Gbps (as if that's not a lot already) so you might want to add a Thunderbolt card anyway. Since USB 3.0 can match Thunderbolt 1 at 10 Gbps (not that many devices use this specification yet), people may go for TB2 just because of that.

An ASUS motherboard with Thunderbolt 2 card
Image credits to Intel


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