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Dec 9, 2013

Jolla Sailfish Update 1 Released, Improve Stability and Usability of the OS

Finnish company Jolla has recently launched its first smartphone powered by Sailfish operating system and now the first update has been pushed live to owners of the device.

According to the company, Sailfish OS update 1 ( is the very first update for the new platform and it’s mainly a bug fix release aimed at improving the stability and usability of the operating system. The official changelog is quite large and contains lots of improvements and tweaks to connectivity, store, Bluetooth, browser, calendar and more. Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • WLAN password input improvements;
  • WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to another;
  • Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet connection;
  • USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in developer mode;
  • Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings cover.

  • Content picker only has the search field when there is content available;
  • Context menu is correctly updated with dynamic items;
  • The press effects in button and list items are unified;
  • Text linking matches numbers inside word boundaries;
  • QWindow::setTitle() is sent over Wayland;
  • DSME initial battery value is correct in bootup, or for shutdown;
  • Time and date changes persist over reboot;
  • DSME wakes from suspend to read HW temperature and battery status;
  • USB mode notification does not offer Developer mode when developer mode is not enabled;
  • Device lock is not anymore set when you use "Clear device lock code" function;
  • The device lock code is not asked when the value is the same than earlier;
  • Password field does not flash last character in clear text;
  • Date picker correctly highlights selected date and shows proper week numbers in January.

For more details on the changes included in this major update, check out the full changelog published on Jolla support website.

Jolla's Sailfish-powered smartphone
Image credits to Jolla


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