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Feb 8, 2014

D-Link and Chinese Info Security Provider Launch Smart WLAN Router

The Chinese can be really possessive and controlling of what is sold in their stores, which means that companies from other countries, in this case D-Link, sometimes need to collaborate with them and make joint products.

So here we are, beholding the Taipei, Taiwan-based D-Link 360Mini, a smart router that has antivirus software developed by Qihoo 360. For those unaware, Qihoo 360 Technology is a China-based information security software solution provider. In addition to WLAN wireless networking and antivirus capabilities, the product also boasts cloud software developed by D-Link itself.

The performance of wireless transmissions is 150 Mbps, as permitted by the 802.11n protocol. China is still a fairly lucrative market for pretty much every tech company, so D-Link must want this new product to sell well there. I suppose we'll find out how things went at the end of the year.

D-Link 360 Mini
Image credits to Yesky


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