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Feb 12, 2014

Microsoft Planning to Allow Android Apps to Run on Windows

The idea of bringing Android apps on Windows isn’t new and in some way or another you can already do it, but it turns out that Microsoft itself is currently pondering a future mix that would allow adopters of its modern operating system run Android software on both desktop computers and Windows Phone devices.

The Verge is reporting via unnamed sources that a number of Microsoft executives have expressed their support to allow Android apps to run on Windows, but the internal (still ongoing) discussions are also involving a number of major drawbacks that could seriously harm the Windows platform completely. Basically, Microsoft wants to bring Android apps on Windows not only to boost the number of tools available for its users, but also to slow down the migration to Android, as this particular platform continues its high-speed growth started a couple of years ago. While this could clearly be a major hit for Microsoft, there are some critical drawbacks that Redmond is very afraid of, the report states.

First, Android apps on Windows could seriously lower interest in Metro apps and Microsoft has involved a fortune into campaigns supposed to bring developers closer to the company and encourage them to port software to Windows 8. Second of all, the arrival of Android apps in the store would create even more confusion for users and developers alike and Microsoft has been struggling to fight this thing ever since the launch of Windows 8. Microsoft isn’t the first company that would integrate Android support in its flagship platform, as BlackBerry did the same thing with BlackBerry 10, but the results have until now been well below expectations.

Redmond, on the other hand, is apparently working out a plan that would use BlueStacks as the core foundation. AMD is already working with BlueStacks and Intel is reportedly pressuring Microsoft to raise focus on technologies that could bring Android apps on Windows. Of course, the software giant would kill two birds with one stone and not only compete against Android devices much better than it currently does it, but it would also boost consumer appeal in the mobile and tablet market, two industry sectors where it invested millions of dollars without too impressive results.

The Verge writes that in case Microsoft’s plans to bring Android apps to Windows goes through, it’s very unlikely to happen until 2015 when Windows 9 is said to hit the market. Windows 9 is also supposed to merge the Windows stores and bring Metro apps on the desktop, so this could be the right time to introduce such a significant upgrade.

Microsoft could bring Android apps right in the Windows Store
Image credits to smh.com.au


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