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Feb 12, 2014

Samsung to Make Upcoming High-End Handsets Both Dust and Waterproof

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics might soon bring to the market a great deal of high-end smartphones that are both dust- and waterproof, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

The company has been already rumored to aim at releasing a rugged version of the Galaxy S5, supposedly called Galaxy S5 Active, but it seems that its plans actually stretch further. According to a recent article on ETNews, Samsung’s upcoming premium smartphone models will feature these capabilities by default, so as to be able to pack them with in-mold antenna (IMA) technology. Apparently, while most high-end smartphones today feature a laser direct structuring (LDS) antenna setup, this technology cannot offer reliable performance when it comes to waterproof devices, an area in which IMA rules. Samsung is said to have already secured deals with suppliers focused on IMA technology, which suggests that the company might indeed come up with a great number of devices that include the feature.

Considering the fact that IMA comes with low high-frequency (RF) performance and that it cannot be fit inside very thin devices, it would not make sense for Samsung to adopt it unless it is planning more rugged phones ahead. Apparently, IMA antenna makers are already working on new thin-film injection molding technology that will allow them to pack their products in slimmer handsets while boasting the same performance as LDS antenna. One such product comes from Daesan Electronics and is called ‘high-performance in-mold antenna (H-IMA), capable of outpacing the performance and thickness level of LDS antenna. However, there’s no telling on whether vendors will adopt it.

“As press and injection molding technologies are gradually advancing, LDS antenna is facing a new challenge,” an industry insider said, according to ETNews. “We are keeping our eyes on the antenna market, expecting yet another technological competition in the market.”

Samsung to launch more dust and waterproof high-end devices
Image credits to Samsung


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