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Feb 12, 2014

Nokia to Launch More Android Phones Following Nokia X (Normandy)

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly planning the launch of more than one smartphone running under the Android operating system, and it should unveil such devices after the launch of Nokia X (Normandy), rumor has it.

According to info coming from a source at Artesyn Technologies, Nokia is also planning the launch of high-end devices running under Android, a post on tech.qq reads. Moreover, said source claims that Nokia might be set to unveil these sometime in May or June this year, and that they will be covering multiple price points. Apparently, Nokia will be left only with the Asha lineup and its feature phone business after the Microsoft acquisition, and it will try to gain some market share in the Android area with said devices. Considering the competition in the Android segment at the moment, it remains to be seen whether the company will indeed be able to make a name for itself there or not. By the looks of it, it will have little chance to attract users in the high-end market, and it might find it difficult to compete even in the mid-range segment.

However, given the popularity of Asha handsets in emerging markets, the company might try to attract users to its Android devices in these countries, as PhoneArena notes. What remains to be seen, however, is whether said devices, provided that they will indeed arrive on shelves, will sport the same forked Android platform that Nokia X is expected to be launched with. For those out of the loop, we should note that the device was rumored to arrive without a series of Google services, such as Google Play, set to be replaced with Nokia’s own products, such as HERE and others.

For the time being, however, nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter, and we’ll take info above with a grain of salt until it is confirmed. Nokia X might be announced at MWC, so stay tuned for specifics on the matter.

Nokia rumored to plan more Android devices, including high-end smartphone
Image credits to Nokia


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