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May 27, 2014

Intel Haswell-E HEDT CPUs Made for New 2011-Pin Socket and DDR4 Memory

If you thought that the Devil's Canyon processors were the only high-end Haswell chips still coming out this year, prepare to be proven wrong. The Core i7 HEDT lineup has just been detailed too.

HEDT stands for High-End Desktop and is a stamp applied to those motherboards and central processing units that are just too overpowered for consumers. And by that we mean that they have specs that are too overkill even for hardcore gamers, though there is nothing stopping such people from buying the things is they have enough cash. Still, the fact is that they are always overpowered. And this definitely holds true for the upcoming Core i7 Haswell-E HEDT processor lineup. There are three chips, but they are all superior to even the Devil's Canyon CPU lineup that will make its debut this summer. According to information published on Coolaler website, there will be three Core i7 HEDT Haswell-E CPUs on the market later this year.

All of them will be compatible with the X99 chipset and the new LGA 2011 socket that the Santa Clara chip giant is preparing. You see, you won't be able to use the chips with existing LGA 2011 mainboards, because the new CPUs will support quad-channel DDR4-2133 MHz memory, and the current-generation core-logic can't cope with that. The best of the lineup (there seem to be three processors in the series) is the 8-core Core i7-5960X, with 16 logical CPUs (Threads, thanks to HyperThreading technology), 20 MB L3 cache memory, and clock speeds of 1.2 GHz base, 3 GHz top. Two x16 PCI Express slots are supported by the root complex, as well as a 1 x8 slot. All for a TDP (thermal design power) of 140W.

Second in the series, strength-wise, is the Core i7-5930K, with six cores, 15 MB cache memory, clocks of 1.2 GHz / 3.5 GHz, and the same PCI Express link setup as above (so it can split to x8/x8/x8/x8, + an fifth extra, for quad-graphics configs and a slot left over for whatever else, like an SSD). Finally, there's the Core i7-5820K, which is almost identical to the Core i7-5930K but might not support HyperThreading and is limited to an upper Turbo Boost speed of 3.3 GHz. Its PCIe loadout is one x16, one x8 and one x4. All three have (or will have) the unlocked BClk multiplier and prices of down to as little as sub-$400 / €$400.

Intel Core i7 HEDT LGA 2011 CPUs detailed
Image credits to Intel


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