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Jul 22, 2014

ADATA Releases Overkill XPG V3 Memory of 3,100 MHz

Hardcore PC owners would probably argue that there is no such thing as overkill, especially when it comes to CPU and memory speeds, but I would beg to differ when faced with what ADATA has just released.

The company has formally launched a dual-channel memory kit composed of two modules with a clock of 3,100 MHz frequency: XPG V3. There used to be a time when 2,500 MHz was considered a huge overclock for memory whose technical specification says 1,600 and 1,866 MHz should be the upper “limits.” Clearly, RAM device makers are not concerned with this as pedestrian as “limits.” Adata designed this positively ludicrously overclocked memory kit for systems powered by Z97 motherboards and Intel's Haswell and Broadwell high-end CPUs (Core i3, i5 and i7).

The memory supports Intel XMP 1.3 (Extreme Memory Profile) and has a bandwidth of 24.8 GB/s. Also, the 8-layer PCB with 2oz copper improves cooling performance, which is why the heatspreaders (Thermal Conductive Technology, TCT for short) can even handle the heat caused by the frequency of over 3,000 MHz in the first place. Alas, ADATA did not say what humongous price it intends to charge for a dual-channel, two-module kit. Curiously, it didn't even specify a capacity (it would presumably be offered in 8 GB and/or 16 GB variants).

ADATA XPG V3 memory
Image credits to ADATA


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