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Jul 6, 2014

Possible NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 Smiles for the Camera

NVIDIA launched the GTX 700 series graphics cards about a year ago, so judging by the usual yearly refresh cycle, the new GeForce GTX 800 series should be making an appearance any time now.

According to a leak from Chinese website GamerSky, the new graphics card has already shown up in a photograph. We can’t be sure this is it, especially since the PCB is quite pixelated and blurry in the image, but the card doesn’t seem to be something we have seen before. ComputerBase has done some digging around hoping to find out more information. They have found out that the board has a new GPU, which is reportedly a Maxwell-based GM204. The die area is larger than the GK104 of the first high-end Kepler GPU, but a tad smaller than the GK110.

On the back, we find eight dual-sided SK Hynix memory modules that make up around 8GB of frame buffer. The GPU will probably be launched with 4GB of VRAM, but a later 8GB model will become available at some point. The top edge is home to three possible PCle power connectors: two with six pins and one with eight pins. It should be noted that this might be just a feature needed for prototype testing. We hope to see the GTX 880 in the wild soon enough.

Possible NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880
Image credits to GamerSky


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