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Aug 22, 2014

AMD Leaks Name of Future GPU Architecture: 20nm Faraway Coming in 2015

Everyone who's been following tech news probably knows that AMD will hold an anniversary webcast tomorrow, during which it will reveal some info about the Tonga-based consumer graphics cards, among other things.

Now, though, there's apparently been a leak about the generation of graphics processing units that will follow the Volcanic Islands led by Hawaii. According to a website called CHW.com, Advanced Micro Devices will, in 2015, release the Farway line of GPU. These GPUs will be designed on the 20nm manufacturing process (at last) and support Microsoft's DirectX 12 API (application programming interface). All of AMD’s future GPU and APU products will use Faraway GPUs, even the Project Skybridge ambidextrous computing architecture, which allows x86 Cores and ARM cores to be pin-to-pin compatible.

Unfortunately, details don't exist for either new technological advancement. We only know that the Faraway GPUs will be mass-produced by both TSMC and Globalfoundries. Probably because the former has failed to deliver on production promises repeatedly. Now we just have to wait and see what NVIDIA counters this with. Maybe it will confirm previously rumored plans of jumping straight to 16nm, though we doubt it.

AMD Faraway GPU line coming in 2015
Image credits to AMD


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