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Aug 30, 2014

Apacer DDR4 2133 Revealed

Most, if not all, of the memory modules and kits based on the new DDR4 specification have, so far, sported some kind of heatspreader or other. Apacer decided it was high time one came out that wasn't so encumbered. 

Truth be told, most of the other DDR4 modules and kits released so far could have probably worked without a heatspreader of their own. However, the vast majority of them don't just restrict themselves to the standard 2,133 MHz performance, like the new Apacer DDR4 2133 4 GB/8 GB Unbuffered DIMM does. Instead, they come in overclocked versions as well, going as high as 3 GHz in some instances. After all, as good as DDR4 is compared to DDR3, and no matter how efficient (1.2V instead of 1.65/1.5/1.35V), it would be weird if DDR4 only came in 2,133 MHz when DDR3 can exceed 3 GHz on good days.

Back to the new Apacer RAM, though. Needless to say, the new DIMM modules are intended for computers based on the new Intel Core i7-5000 CPUs. They have been through temperature and high/low pressure testing, as well as live PC and motherboard tests. Unfortunately, Apacer did not see it fit to disclose the price of the DDR4 2133 4 GB/8 GB Unbuffered DIMMs.

Apacer DDR4 2133 4 GB/8 GB Unbuffered DIMM
Image credits to Apacer


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