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Sep 29, 2014

Microsoft Officially Teases New Name for Windows 9

Windows 9 preview will officially see daylight next week, and more sources claim that a completely new name for the operating system is very likely, as Microsoft is reportedly trying to create a new brand and capitalize on the popularity of its desktop platform.

Until now, there have been several signs that Microsoft could launch Windows 9 as just “Windows,” while a page that Redmond “accidentally” published this morning hinted that Windows TH was also possible, although it’s not clear if this could be used for the preview or the final product. Terry Myerson, head of the OS group at the software giant, teased the new Windows 9 name in a photo he emailed to Microsoft watchers Tom Warren and Mary Jo Foley, confirming that the company was indeed preparing a new name for the operating system. Of course, no specifics were provided, but Myerson said in his email that no name had been selected yet and more information would be provided on Tuesday.

Windows or Windows TH?

The leaked Windows 9 screenshots that have recently reached the web indicate that Microsoft could call the testing version of the operating system “Windows Technical Preview,” a name which might also suggest Redmond’s intention to drop the numbering naming scheme and go for a simpler approach. People close to the matter have also hinted that Microsoft wants to use the Windows designation for all platforms and not just for the desktop version in an attempt to sell more devices, be they smartphones or tablets. Windows TH rumors, on the other hand, do not align with speculation towards a Windows brand, but confirm that Threshold might not be just an internal codename for the next operating system.

No matter the name, the preview build of Windows 9 due in early October will be mostly aimed at enterprises, but will still bring quite a lot of features that consumers want, including a Start menu, multiple desktops, and a notification center. Microsoft will hold a press event on September 30 to share more information on Windows 9, but surprisingly, the company won’t stream it online. Instead, blog posts and other information will be published on its websites when the event comes to an end. The preview build, on the other hand, will be released to the masses in early October, so everyone should be able to give the new OS a try in approximately seven days. The first preview will come in the form of stand-alone ISOs, while future updates will be delivered via a new integrated update system, without the need for a clean installation.

Terry Myerson teasing the new Windows name
Image credits to The Verge


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