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Sep 29, 2014

Windows 9 Will Launch as Windows TH

While Microsoft continues to remain tightlipped on the next Windows version, a new page presumably prepared for the debut of the preview version and most likely scheduled to be published on Tuesday went live today revealing a few unknown details.

Windows 9 might in the end launch as Windows TH, which probably stands for Threshold, the codename that Microsoft has been using since it started work on the new operating system. The page is called “Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise” and holds information about the preview build that Microsoft is expected to launch in early October, as well as links to find more information on the new features implemented in the operating system. Of course, it’s hard to believe that Microsoft accidentally revealed the name of the new OS as the company most likely tried to stir up interest for a product that’s already causing quite a lot of buzz online.

Windows TH just for the preview

At this point, it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to use the Windows TH designation only for the preview build that it plans to unveil in early October or it actually wants to keep it for the stable product as well, but chances are that it would come up with a different name before April 2015. Surprisingly, the leaked Windows 9 screenshots that reached the web this month indicated that Microsoft might actually call the operating system “Windows Technical Preview,” so this could be an indication that Windows TH could also be used for the final product. As you can see, there are lots of vague details right now, but Microsoft will finally break the news on Windows 9 next week during an event in San Francisco.

Few new details revealed

The page that Microsoft “accidentally” published today claims that “the next version of the Windows client will enable IT professionals to provide users with a familiar experience across multiple devices while enhancing security and manageability. It will also offer new and improved features that enable businesses to: defend against modern security threats, elevate employee productivity, embrace the mobile and cloud era, and enable upgrade without upheaval.” As you can see, no mention of new features such as the Start menu, Cortana, or multiple desktops, and the page once again confirms that the preview build is mostly about enterprises.

And still, we do know that the preview version of Windows 9/Windows TH will come with these features and many others, but the full list of tools will be unveiled next week by Microsoft itself.

Windows TH name confirmed on Microsoft's website
Image credits to TNW


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