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Sep 5, 2014

MSI GS30 Shadow Gaming Laptop Arrives with GamingDock to Boost Graphic Performance

While every major tech player in the industry is busy launching slews of new products at IFA 2014 in Berlin, MSI has been quite absent from the news.

But today the gaming computer specialist breaks the silence and rolls out a new 13.3-inch machine (with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution) dubbed the GS30 Shadow. The machine takes advantage of Intel 4th Gen Core i7 chip architecture and Iris Pro graphics, which are designed to almost double performance compared to the previous generation. An important highlight of this lappy is that MSI managed to slim it down and make it extremely light at just 1.3kg / 2.8 lbs. The laptop bundles support for DX11.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.0 and enhanced 4k x 2k. MSI offers the new laptop with a GamingDock that will play nicely, exclusively with the GS30 Shadow.

The purpose of this accessory is to increase graphics performance by virtue of the inserted desktop discrete graphics card living inside it. Most importantly, users can opt for any desktop GPU they feel might suit their needs. MSI calls the dock the most powerful upgraded cannon to be used with slim gaming laptops, so you shouldn't have problems with running the most advanced titles on it. The laptop with GamingDock is expected to launch in January 2015, but pricing specifications haven’t been disclosed just yet.

Press Release below:
Taipei Taiwan - MSI, the leading gaming computer innovator and maker, now presenting the 13.3 inch gaming notebook – GS30 Shadow, which packs the latest Intel 4th Gen Core i7 and Iris Pro graphics. The ultra thin GS30 Shadow is no wonder the lightest gaming notebook in the field and it’s only weighing 1.3kg in 19.8mm height. The amazing graphics powered by Intel Iris Pro is designed and targeted to majority of gaming titles and the performance is more than double while compared with previous generation. With support to DX11.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.0 and enhanced 4k x 2k, the GS30 Shadow sets the new benchmark for gaming notebooks and makes every user gaming everywhere.
Unleash the graphics power by Intel Iris Pro
Eric Kuo, vice president of global sales & marketing, MSI Notebook, pointed out that the latest GS30 Shadow is designed for mobile gamers who don’t want to compromise between portability and performance. With its incredible thin and insanely powerful, MSI wants to create new style of this performance machine not only for gamers, but for some stylish and cutting edge fashion users.

Docking and transforming, shift into the Elysium!
There is a specific GamingDock designed for GS30 Shadow and the overall graphics performance will be shifted to a higher level while GS30 Shadow is docking on it. By the inserted desktop discrete graphics card inside the GamingDock, more graphics calculation will be enhanced and more visual detailed will be revealed. Users can choose any desktop graphics card, which is stronger and more powerful, then easily insert into it to unleash the most stunning visual effect and deliver the most exciting gaming experience to gamers by full bandwidth of PCI-e x16. The GamingDock is no wonder the most powerful upgraded cannon for slim gaming laptops to play on those most performance demanding titles in highest resolution and settings. The target launch time would be January 2015.
More information on MSI Dragon Army website
MSI continues to work in cooperation with well-known gaming teams around the world, including FNATIC from Europe and teams from Asia. MSI actively participates in a variety of gaming activities to increase name exposure, to improve on product functions, and to enhance user experience. What's more, for its new platform, this year, MSI set up the Dragoon Army website and forum for MSI gaming laptop users and competition gamers around the world. For more on competition gaming products and gaming info, please go to http://dragonarmy.msi.com.
As a world leading gaming brand, MSI Notebook’s goal is to become the most trusted name in laptop computers. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, the pursuit of excellence, and technological innovation as we have continued to raise the bar for ourselves and have accomplished a great deal of pioneering work in the industry. If you need more product information, please visit http://www.msi.com

MSI GS30 Shadow launches with Iris Pro graphics

MSI GS30 Shadow comes with dedicated GamingDock
Images credits to MSI


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