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Mar 11, 2015

Apple Replaces Its Brilliant MagSafe Connector with USB-C on the New MacBook

In addition to the Apple Watch, Apple announced its brand-new 12-inch, fanless, and ultra-slim Retina MacBook computer during the “Spring Forward” event that took place a couple of days ago, on March 9, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, USA, besides the already popular Apple Watch.

We live-blogged the event at that point and learned that the all-new MacBook comes with a smart, reversible, all-in-one connector called USB-C (also known as USB Type-C), which substitutes no less than five different connectors, including Power, USB, HDMI, VGA, and Display ports. Well, this does not mean that it’s brilliant though, as you can only use one function at a time; otherwise put, you’ll have to buy all sorts of expensive adapters from Apple if you want to connect various devices. What’s more, the new MacBook won't use Apple's innovative MagSafe connector that is currently available on its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines.

Apple no longer uses MagSafe on the new MacBook line
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners know the real value of the MagSafe connector, which has been designed from the ground up to keep their precious computers safe on the desk. The MagSafe connector uses magnets to attach to the MacBook’s case, thus not slamming it to the ground if one tripped on cord. MagSafe is an Apple innovation, introduced 9 years ago, on January 10, 2006. It is a magnetic power connector, used only to charge MacBooks. There are currently two generations of MagSafe connectors available on the market, used by millions of MacBook owners worldwide.

Now, two questions arise. Will Apple replace the MagSafe connector on the upcoming revisions of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air? If so, will this be the beginning of numerous cases of broken MacBooks? Make sure you check out the video below for more details on the matter. You won't regret it, we promise.

The MagSafe connector
Image credits to Shannon Savage

Video credits to Apple


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