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Oct 28, 2011

AMD Confirms Trinity APU Will Launch in Early 2012

In a conference call that announced the company's financial results for the third quarter of 2011, AMD has confirmed that the first APUs based on the next-generation Trinity core will get launched in early 2012.

During the Q&A part of the conference, Thomas Seifert, senior vice president and chief financial officer of AMD, said: “One of the first product we launch will be Trinity. And we have not released an official launch date yet but it will happen early in the year.”

The company's CEO, Rory P. Read, also commented on the yield of these chips and said that even if the company is disappointed with the execution around the yields in the 32nm space, things look to be shaping up pretty good for Trinity as Q4 will see a significant increase in the number of 32nm units shipped by Globalfoundries.

AMD's next-generation APU combines either two or four processing cores based on the Bulldozer architecture with a VLIW4 GPU derived from the Cayman graphics used inside the Radeon HD 6900 series.

The computing cores will go by the odd name of Piledriver and, much like the current Llano APUs, lack any sort of Level 3 cache memory as AMD wanted to increase the die area available to the on-board GPU.

An AMD document, that was leaked earlier this week, has reveled that in terms of computing power, Trinity is expected to be about 20% more powerful than the current Llano APUs.

In addition, the chip will also bring support for a series of new instructions sets introduced with the Bulldozer architecture, such as AVX and AES-NI, as well as support for DDR3-2133 memory.

On the graphics side, the new Radeon HD graphics core is expected to deliver 30% better performance than Llano, while also coming with a new Video Compression Engine and support for AMD's EyeFinity technology.


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