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Oct 7, 2011

HP t200 Zero Client Enables Up to 15 Users to Share the Same PC

Once touted as the next big thing in computing, thin clients have been slow to catch the attention of the market, but HP seems determined to give this concept another try and has released the HP t200 Zero Client, which should offer business owners a nice alternative to the traditional desktop PCs.

The HP t200 Zero Client is housed inside a small chassis weighting only 0.34 kg (12.1 oz), which provides its users with four USB 2.0 ports and a VGA ouput.

After plugging in the required peripherals and a computer monitor, HP's thin client needs to be connected to a HP MultiSeat ms6200 desktop (either through USB or Ethernet) that supports up to 15 such devices.

This relies on the Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 operating system to provide each user with its own computer environment.

Outside of the benefit of not having to waste space and money on dedicated desktop systems for each of the users requiring a computer in an office, the HP t200 Zero Client also has the advantage of using only 3 Watts of power while running, which should lead to an important economy in energy bills.

HP's thin client is designed to be used in small businesses and classrooms, but also in the training, healthcare and manufacturing environments.

"The HP t200 Zero Client provides additional scalability to our HP MultiSeat Solution, making it an ideal solution not only for small businesses and classrooms, but also training, healthcare and manufacturing environments," said Jeff Groudan, director, Worldwide Thin Clients, HP. 

"As the global industry leader in thin clients, HP continues to innovate simple, flexible, affordable thin computing solutions that deliver rich, productive user experiences," concluded the company's rep.

The HP t200 Zero Client for MultiSeat is expected to be available worldwide in early November at a starting price of $99, which translates into roughly 73.6 Euros.


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