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Oct 7, 2011

NVIDIA Doesn't Have a Rage Driver but Forces a Fix, More or Less

Rage turned out to be quite appropriately named for a game, although not for reasons one would expect, certainly not pleasant ones, though NVIDIA did just offer a way to get over most problems. 

Rage is the new game from idSoftware and, knowing that these people crated Quake (among other things), there were, understandably enough, high expectations. 

Unfortunately, even though the company had every intention to meet those standards, it ran into somewhat serious problems. 

Basically, the game ended up suffering from rather serious graphics issues, particularly in regards to texture streaming (textures didn't load properly, especially while moving the point of view around with the mouse). 

AMD already tried to assuage the issue a bit by releasing a special driver. Now, NVIDIA has made a move of its own, although it is a bit more complicated and does not consist of a new driver package. 

Instead, the company wrote an article about how one may create a new config file that will override game settings and force the title to play in high resolution. 

Granted, there are big hardware demands if this is going to do any good (1.5 GB of Video RAM for 8K textures, GPU Transcoding, etc.). 

Systems with 1 GB of video RAM could handle it as well, though only if the settings are reduced. Basically, the purpose is to override the rage auto-balancing program.

The file will predictably be named rageconfig.cfg and (via GPU Transcoding) is meant to “increase your frame rates, improve in-game visual fidelity, and reduce texture streaming issues.” 

The good part about the article is that the instruction should work just fine for people who own AMD Radeon graphics cards as well. Whether or not this makes all problems go away (idSoftware did say drivers are to blame) remains to be seen.


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