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Oct 25, 2011

Nvidia Preps New GTX 560 Ti Version with 448 Cores

Since there is still some time to go until the first GPUs built using the 28nm fabrication process are expected to come out of the company's gates, Nvidia has decided that is time to upgrade its popular GTX 560 Ti graphics card to 448 streaming processors in order to deliver better performance.

Despite being branded as an GTX 560 product, Nvidia new solution will resemble much more the GTX 570 since the two will be based on the same GF110 core, according to VR-Zone.

Compared to its older sibling however, the GTX 560 Ti (448 Core) will come with one of the 15 streaming modules disabled, to provide a total of 448 CUDA cores, and slightly underclocked operating frequencies.

Sadly, we don't know the exact clock rates the card will run at, but we do know that the core will also include 56 texture units, 40 ROP units and a 320-bit memory bus connected most probably to 1.25GB of video buffer. 

Together with the increased performance offered by the new GPU, the power consumption of the card is also expected to grow.

Other features of the GTX 560 Ti (448 Core) include support for 3-way SLI, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs and the same reference cooler as the one used in the standard GTX 570.

This is not the first time that Nvidia has decided to increase the shader count on one of its graphics cards as the company has also done the same with the GTX 260, which soon after its introduction received a 216 Core version.

No details regarding the release date of the new GPU are available at this time, but price wise the graphics card is expected to be placed between the HD 6950 2GB and GTX 570/HD 6970. Right now, the HD 6950 retails for about $280 (201 Euros), while the GTX 570 and HD 6970 are priced at about $340 (224 Euros).


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