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Oct 25, 2011

RIM Sells MicroVision Pico Projectors Now, Or One of Them

RIM decided to offer its customers something unusual for a change, so it started shipping what essentially amounts to the first pico projector it ever released for customers.

SHOWWX+ HDMI is the name of the item that MicroVision put together and for whose inventory handling and order fulfillment it partnered with GlobalWire.

“Partnering with GlobalWare dramatically expands the global availability of SHOWWX+ HDMI, and gives us a strong foothold into business audiences where the ability to visually collaborate anywhere is increasingly important,” said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO, MicroVision. 

“It’s rewarding to join forces with companies like GlobalWare to enable people to see bigger – whether they are on the road, at the office or home."

Essentially, it is an accessory that can connect to PCs, mobile devices, consumer electronics and pretty much anything else, so long as an HDMI port exists. As it happens, the list includes the BlackBerry Playbook.

SHOWWX+ HDMI can project images, focus-free, of up to 100 inches in diagonal and can fit inside a short pocket. It can last for up to two hours on a battery charge.

“The excitement that businesses and consumers have shown in moving from smartphone-sized screens to tablets is about to undergo another exponential leap to the viewing experience that SHOWWX+ offers,” said David Beatson, CEO of GlobalWare. 

“As the global fulfillment partner for all RIM accessories ordered through shopblackberry.com, we will enable consumers to easily experience new levels of visual collaboration and entertainment offered by the always-in-focus, big-screen image and extreme portability of SHOWWX+.”

Anything from displaying documents to projecting big projections of the latest games can easily be accomplished with the SHOWWX+ HDMI.

Alas, while the item, bundled with an iBOLT holder for the Blackberry Playbook, will be up for sale soon (as will batteries, chargers and other accessories) its price was not specified by the formal announcement.


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