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Nov 28, 2011

ASUS Transformer Prime Set for December 8, 2011

We know people have been wondering how much longer they'll have to wait for the mighty Transformer Prime tablet to show up, and so have we, but we might not have to wonder anymore. 

Newegg set the tablet up as available for pre-order, but this isn't really news.

What the web did only now notice (probably because the tidbit wasn't available before) is that the release date of December 8 now figures on this product page (unless it changed between the writing of this blog and the time of reading, as such things tend to).

That means that the thing will show up in a little over a week.

Now all we have to wonder about is whether or not it will sell out within minutes/hours, like its predecessor did.

Knowing the Kal-El, it shouldn't be too hard to live up to that example, although ASUS will probably be better prepared on the supply side this time.


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