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Nov 28, 2011

Intel Prepares to Retire Celeron Brand Says Report

Intel’s Celeron brand has been with us for over ten years now, but according to some recent reports the chip maker is now getting ready to retire this name from its lineup and replace it with Pentium CPUs.

While nothing is sure at this point in time, Tweak Town seems to believe that the introduction of the recent Pentium 350 aimed at micro-servers seems to be a sign that the Celeron line will be replaced with Pentium CPUs.

This assumption seems a bit far-fetched if you were to ask me, although retiring Celeron does actually make some sense as Intel has just too many CPU brands to keep track off and this will, to some degree, simplify its naming schemes.

Until now, Intel’s Pentium line was positioned between the high-end Core range and the low-end Celeron series.


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