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Nov 23, 2011

Corsair and AMD's FX-8150 Establish New Memory Frequency World Record

When it comes to setting world records, no processor seems to be a match for AMD's Bulldozer-based FX-8150, which was recently used by an overclocker together with a pair of Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 modules to set a new WR memory frequency of 1733.8MHz (DDR3-3467). 

The record was achieved by Jake "Planet" Crimmins a renowned overclocker that is employed by Corsair to test and showcase the power of its memory solutions to other computer users.

The system was built around an AMD FX-8150 processor and an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard, which was paired with a 2GB dual-channel Corsair Dominator GTX6 memory kit.

Both the memory and the CPU were cooled with liquid nitrogen (LN2) which has a boiling point of -196°C (-321°F).

As with all the previous world records set by AMD's FX-8150 processor only one of the four modules present in the chip were active during these overclocking tests.

"Breaking overclocking world records requires skill, ingenuity, and the right equipment," said Jake Crimmins.

"I've broken several records using Dominator GT memory. It's reliable, it has amazing headroom, and it's never let me down," concluded the overclocker.

This is not the first time that AMD's FX-8150 processor was used for taking the memory world record crown as the previous top DDR3 frequency was also set by this CPU a little more than a week ago when a pair of ADATA memory modules went to 3311MHz.

Previously, the AMD CPU was used to surpass the WR for the highest frequency ever achieved by a computer processor.

The best result was reached at the start of this month and stands at an impressive 8584.8MHz, 123.3MHz more than the previous record also achieved by an FX-8150 CPU. This beast of a chip was cooled using liquid nitrogen and had a little more that 2v pushed through its core.


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