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Nov 23, 2011

HIS Redesigns the Radeon HD 6770 Fan 1GB GDDR5

HIS has one of the most extensive graphics card ranges out there, but this hasn't stopped the company from periodically updating its portfolio with new solution based on AMD Radeon HD designs the latest such card to make its appearance being the Radeon HD 6770 Fan 1GB GDDR5.

This new HIS creation is a slightly simpler version of the initial HD 6770 Fan that HIS outed back in April when AMD introduced this re-branded Juniper GPU in the consumer market.

Aesthetically, the card doesn't differ too much from its predecessor as it uses the same black plastic shroud that covers most of its PCB, but the heatsink placed underneath has been modified to make it cheaper to produce.

Gone are the two copper heatpipes that were responsible for directing the heat away from the GPU and into the aluminum radiator as this setup was now replaced by a simpler circular all-aluminum heatsink.

The rest of the graphics card's specifications were left unaltered, meaning that the new Radeon HD 6770 Fan 1GB GDDR5 has its GPU running at the same 850MHz as its predecessor while the memory is clocked at 1200MHz (4800MHz).

The video output configuration was also left untouched as both models pack HDMI and full size DisplayPort connectors, as well as two dual-link DVI-D video outputs.

No details regarding the pricing or the availability of the Radeon HD 6770 Fan were made public by 3Dnews.ru, the website which uncovered the card, but knowing HIS this HD 6770 should arrive in retail stores really soon.

As most of you already know, the Radeon HD 6770 is nothing more than a re-branded previous generation HD 5770, which has now received support for HD3D by including an HDMI 1.4a video output.

Otherwise, the card sports the same specifications as the Radeon HD 5770, meaning that it includes 800 streaming processors, 40 texturing units, 16 ROP units and a 128-bit memory bus, which is usually connected to 1GB of GDDR5 memory.


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