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Nov 10, 2011

Corsair Performance Pro Completed, Marvell Powers New SSDs

Corsair just released the Performance Pro series of solid state drive products that could imply that the company is going to start developing solid state drive firmware.

Though a solid state drive based on a Marvell controller is cheaper, it is also one that forces adopters to make their own firmware.

Corsair may or may not be promising to invest in this through the Performance Pro collection of SSDs.

As the second-generation Marvell-based SSD line, it has a read speed of 515 MB/s and a writing speed of 440 MB/s.

Two models exist, with capacities of 128 GB and 256 GB, respectively (pretty much the standard capacities nowadays, besides 64 GB).

“We are pleased to provide a fast SATA 3 SSD that's designed specifically for real-world performance,” said Thi La, vice president of Memory Products at Corsair.

“High-performance PC users work heavily with media files, and unlike some other SSDs, the Performance Pro can save, load and move music, photos and movies without significantly reduced performance. It offers consistent, reliable speed regardless of whether you're running Windows, OS X or Linux, and whether you're using a single drive or a RAID configuration.”

Both compressed and non-compressed data should be possible to move around at the same speeds.

Also, the Performance Pro Series boast advanced background garbage collection, which preserves the performance over time even if the operating system of the PC, or whatever else, using them lacks support for TRIM.

Corsair also says that this is a reason why the newcomers are very well suited for RAID configurations, which usually lack TRIM support themselves.

Needless to say, the SATA III (SATA 6.0 Gbps) connection is used, though backwards compatibility with SATA II (3.0 Gbps) was not forgotten.

Go here to read about the Force 3 and Force GT solid state drives that, instead of Marvell, use SandForce controllers.


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