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Nov 21, 2011

Download Free Ubuntu Desktop Migration eBook

Canonical, through Sonia Ouarti, announced a couple of minutes ago (November 21st) the immediate availability for download of the "Five Golden Rules for a Successful Ubuntu Desktop Migration" eBook.

Written for small businesses and enterprises, this free eBook from Canonical contains about 9 pages with information about how to migrate your desktops and employees to a free and open source desktop environment.

"This new, free ebook will show you why moving to Ubuntu is easier than you think. It's really not the headache that people would have you believe. As long as you stick to five key principles."

The Canonical Desktop team says that this eBook can be used as a workbook to plan a project, and that they are here to help you smoothly and successfully migrate to Ubuntu.

In this free eBook you will discover how to:
· Plan effectively for maximum effect;
· Target the users ripe for migration;
· Identify the apps that save you money and hassle;
· Create the right management flows;
· Pilot your project to get it just right.

Download your free copy of the "Five Golden Rules for a Successful Ubuntu Desktop Migration" eBook in PDF format right now from here.


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